We’re hiring a bouncy castle for our next family fun day!

When family day comes, expect for much fun and excitement. Family days are meant for the whole family to stay together, have fun and for kids to enjoy. During this day, you will meet other families and friends of your kids. So, this is also an acquaintance for every family joining the said event.

With that being said, we’re having a party for our next family fun day in Perth. Stay tuned for your email about the exact date!

Below are several paragraphs about bouncy castles in general and how we used the information to search for the perfect bouncy castle hire Perth.

It could have been better if the whole family will join various games, such as tug of war and sack race. You can also see those kids playing sports, such as baseball or football. The entertainment won’t end there because there would be some kid’s rides and inflatable buildings, too.

Bouncy castles for kids have always been a part of family day. It’s like the event isn’t complete without this inflatable castle. This is just a temporary building, of course, but if you do not own one, then you the organization or committee of the said event must hire it.

In 1959, John Scurlock designed the very first inflatable building in Shreveport, Louisiana. Later on, it turned out into a business that the family runs. It is indeed a success because inflatable buildings is not only famous in the United States, but in the whole world. You may even buy bouncy castles for your own use because the size varies. And then, you may also choose a design for your kids.

An inflatable building is made of really thick and very strong vinyl or PVC and nylon. For a really big bouncy castle, you have to use an electric blower to inflate the building. It consumes energy, but just for a day or two isn’t too much for kids to have fun. You know that kids enjoy playing, so when they see this on a family day, then these kids won’t surely miss it.


Things to know when hiring a bouncy castle

Hiring a bouncy castle is taking much responsibility. You should also know the risk that the kids might face when playing on it. So, before hiring a bouncy castle for an event you must be aware about the consequences. We have here a few factors that must be considered greatly before finally jumping to a conclusion that you will hire a bouncy castle for your family fun day event.

  • Target User

Who are going to play on the bouncy castle? Will there be kids only, adults or both? Bouncy castles intended for adults are expected to be deeper than for kids. So, if bouncy castles for adults are also hired, then parental guidance is needed. Young kids are not allowed to play on the bouncy castle for adults. Let’s just consider the safety of the kids, so that fun won’t get spoiled.

  • Bouncy Castle Company

How reliable is the company when it comes to services, especially the delivery. Can they come on time because they need time to inflate the bouncy castle? Everything must be ready before the participants and visitors come. Do they have an insurance policy because accident might happen? It could have been better if the company can ensure the safety of everybody. Do they have safety precautions offered? Will there be someone to assist the kids and stay during the event to look after the bouncy castle?

  • Location of the Bouncy Castle

The bouncy castle needs electricity to operate. So, you must have enough power supply in the location. Generators are not provided by most companies. But, if you already have it, then that won’t be a problem. It would be best also to let the company know about the surface, where the bouncy castle will be erected.

  • Size and Weight

It is very important to consider the size of the bouncy castle and the space needed to erect it. So, how big will the bouncy castle be? You and the company must also agree about the weight limit of the bouncy castle, so that you can avoid accidents.

My Tattoo Removed!

This is somewhat a personal thing, but I thought I’d share with you all. For those who know me, I’ve got two tattoos. Both on either side of my arms. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my tattoos but it was time to move on. I won’t go into the exact specifics of what the drawing/writing are on my arms. But let’s just say that I don’t want it there anymore! So I had them removed. Many of my friends asked me whether or not it was a difficult decision. I simply answered yes!

After shopping around and doing my research online, I ended up going with the people at Tattoo Removal Perth City. Check out their website at www.tattooremovalperthcity.com.au for more info. Basically they offered a proven laser technique carried out by a fully qualified doctor. During my research on tattoo removal procedures (both natural and laser), I’ve read many horror stories of people getting it done at an unlicensed premise or unlicensed operator. So if you any of you are thinking of getting it done, I strongly suggest you confirm the validity of their respective licences.

I must admit, I originally thought it was a simple process where you only need to visit once. But boy I was wrong! Depending on your tattoo, whether its black ink or it contains other colours, it will determine the procedure that will most likely be undertaken. Multiple visits to the clinic will also be necessary. So make sure you have factored that into your plan when getting your tattoo removed. Especially when you have other commitments such as work. Personally I had 8 sessions to completely remove the art from my arms. When I say completely removed, I don’t actually mean 100% More like 90% gone or not particularly visible.

Another thing you must consider is recovery time. Now I am not saying you will be hospitalised during or even after the treatment, but you need to understand that some people may have a reaction to the laser used or other such as the special cream used (in the case of an organic procedure. Personally, I needed a couple hours rest after the first session. Pure reason is my very minor reaction to the laser. I say it is minor because it was only a small red rash.

Anyways, better go! If you had your tattoo removed, I would like to hear from you. Perhaps you’ve got a better idea… So leave a comment below this post and I will love you for it!


back tattoo

The Popularity of Minecraft

I have often wondered what Minecraft was all about and why almost everyone in my son’s class is crazy about it. I have always “shielded” my son from video games as I felt that it can hinder his imagination as opposed to reading books or playing games that do not make use of the screen or television.

minecraft gaming

I was thankful that my son did not prefer playing video games over reading his books on dragons, until one day, he asked me if I could download the Minecraft app. I was dumbfounded. I didn’t know what to say nor how to react. I guess I gave my thoughts away when I asked him if he was feeling pressured by his friends to play it during his play date at one of his friend’s house. He said that nobody “forced” him to play. He said that it is an interesting game and that he had the chance to have a go at it. He also said that he created houses from stones and trees from wood and that over time, he can create anything he can imagine including weapons to fight the villains like pig zombies (I was flabbergasted), creepers, thieves and more.  He also said that “it isn’t violent at all because the monsters die with a puff of smoke and no blood at all” (a remark he gave as if he read my mind).

I didn’t know whether to feel scared or confident about this game. And so the inevitable happened. Not only did I buy the app but the whole family is into to this game. Minecraft is truly awesome. My husband and I bought a Norton Safety Minder though as Minecraft can be very addicting and vulgar language are used on some servers. As we played over time, I realised that Minecraft is important because surprisingly, it teaches children to be creative in many ways. They develop their skills in creative thinking and learn about geology, geography, geometry, architecture and the like.

Since it is an open-ended game, which means that it doesn’t come with instructions, they learn to explore and work together. It can teach children valuable lessons in life. I strongly advise parents to make sure that their children are under their supervision when playing this game.

Storage for Perth gamers

Many of you gamers out there will know the feeling of having too much stuff in your possession. Some say its not too bad because they are accumulating relatively small figurines and hence not taking up much space. But for those who may be in possession of larger items such as a gamer’s table or a largish cardboard cutout of their gameboard, those having multiple items may face with storage problems because of your typical house or even a hired rental club venue don’t normally have big spaces available. Well we’ve got good news for our members, at least in Perth that is! We’ve reached out to local storage facilities around Australia and got an immediate reply from a local Perth business who agreed to help us out out of their good heart.

The local storage service company being referred to is Crusader Storage who is owned by Crusader Removals Pty Ltd. They have kindly lent us a relatively significant space at their storage warehouse in Welshpool. So we don’t have any issues in recommending our members and web visitors alike to go with Crusader Storage if you’ve got any kind of storage requirements. Talk to the guys mentioned above and I’m very sure you’d be very well looked after. But I have to say that preference will be given to active members of Fantasy Continental Gamer Club. So if you’re a guest to this site and need some storage, then feel free to contact us and join!

Can we also say that you exercise some common sense when storing stuff at the business mentioned above. Make sure you don’t store too many belongings there. This is to make sure that other gamers gets a chance to use the facility. Sharing is caring right? As mentioned, we urge you to please obey this simple rule to stay in the good books. Otherwise we may no longer will have a nice suitable workshop for storing our pride and joy!

When someone helps us out, I’d always like to think we should do something nice in return. Because don’t forget, they are doing this for nothing in return (as we’re a not for profit organisation). In my mind, the easiest thing to do (to help them) is to spread good word about Crusader Storage and how awesome they are. Reference by word of mouth is handy and will no doubt increase their financial bottom line.

For all gamers out there residing in the Eastern States, we will continue to ask the respective local businesses to lend a hand to our club. Once we get other businesses on board, we will notify you via email. Just make sure you have signed up to our mailing list. If you’re not part of our mailing list, then just email admin ().

Meet our president: a practising locksmith from Perth

One of the important success for any clubs is the committee. Ours is no different. In saying that, I’d like to introduce you to our club president, James (myself!). That’s right,  I take on two roles within this club, that is being the club president as well as looking after admin duties (such as writing all the content you see on this website blog). Since I am actually writing this post featuring me, myself and I. Who better to give a bit of background and spill about myself.. other than me!

My name is James, coming from a family of four siblings. I am number two. A self confessed avid gamer, but to be able participate in the gaming world.. I also work full time. I am a locksmith by trade since many years back. My dad was locksmith and it comes to no surprise that I took up locksmith as a career. In fact, I co-own a locksmith business with a bloke named Clint, check out our website and don’t forget to say hi! If you need a locksmith, call me or Clint and mention you’re from our gaming club we will look after you! Trust us!

Here’s a cartoon version of me…

James cartoon

Although I am currently living in Perth, running a locksmith business. My family resides in the eastern states and to be honest, I wish they would move over and stay permanently in Perth. Trust me, I have tried many times in the past to no avail. But I will keep trying and will never give up. Well not if I can help it!

Many of you within this club will not know that I am also a bog fan of basketball. My favourite team is the Chicago Bulls. Though they may not be doing really good right now. They were a power team, especially back in the late 90s when Michael Jordan played. Ahhh, those were the days. For those who don’t know Michael Jordan, you may want to read up about him here.

Sounds kinda boring, but that pretty much wraps up me. Hahahaa. Oh yeah, before any of you ask me, no I can’t help you break in someone’s place! You may think I am saying as a joke, but not really. I have many friends who asked me exactly that!

Now that I have reveal a bit about myself, that you may not know about. How about you guys? Feel free to comment below and share some things that me may not know about. Don’t be shy because I know you want to!

One year on.. and finally a website!

Fantasy Continental Gamers was established last year (2014). But.. finally we’re online! We managed to acquire this awesome domain name which fits with our club’s name. So if you’re on our website, please spread the word and let’s grow the gamer’s community. Show the world how awesome we are! Ohh.. feel free to comment on any page within this website.

Seriously, if you’re serious about gaming in Australia, then bookmark this page so you don’t miss any of our future posts.