Fantasy Continental Gamers Club is a non-for profit organisation for avid gamers in Australia. But don’t think you have to be an expert, beginners are also welcome! Everyone is welcome.. and we mean pretty much everyone. We get ask a particular question many times, which is: what game niche do I need to be to join Fantasy Continental Gamers? The answer is any niche!

The main prerequisite to join our club is to have passion for gaming. That’s it. Full stop.

If you are interested to join and get update notices, then please read instructions here.

Also, don’t be shy to ask questions by either commenting on any page within the site or email admin directly (). Sharing information, in our opinion, is one of the best ways to grow your own knowledge. By the way, getting feedback is something we at Fantasy Continental Gamers Club value a lot. It tells us if we’re doing the right thing or not.

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