My Tattoo Removed!

This is somewhat a personal thing, but I thought I’d share with you all. For those who know me, I’ve got two tattoos. Both on either side of my arms. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my tattoos but it was time to move on. I won’t go into the exact specifics of what the drawing/writing are on my arms. But let’s just say that I don’t want it there anymore! So I had them removed. Many of my friends asked me whether or not it was a difficult decision. I simply answered yes!

After shopping around and doing my research online, I ended up going with the people at Tattoo Removal Perth City. Check out their website at for more info. Basically they offered a proven laser technique carried out by a fully qualified doctor. During my research on tattoo removal procedures (both natural and laser), I’ve read many horror stories of people getting it done at an unlicensed premise or unlicensed operator. So if you any of you are thinking of getting it done, I strongly suggest you confirm the validity of their respective licences.

I must admit, I originally thought it was a simple process where you only need to visit once. But boy I was wrong! Depending on your tattoo, whether its black ink or it contains other colours, it will determine the procedure that will most likely be undertaken. Multiple visits to the clinic will also be necessary. So make sure you have factored that into your plan when getting your tattoo removed. Especially when you have other commitments such as work. Personally I had 8 sessions to completely remove the art from my arms. When I say completely removed, I don’t actually mean 100% More like 90% gone or not particularly visible.

Another thing you must consider is recovery time. Now I am not saying you will be hospitalised during or even after the treatment, but you need to understand that some people may have a reaction to the laser used or other such as the special cream used (in the case of an organic procedure. Personally, I needed a couple hours rest after the first session. Pure reason is my very minor reaction to the laser. I say it is minor because it was only a small red rash.

Anyways, better go! If you had your tattoo removed, I would like to hear from you. Perhaps you’ve got a better idea… So leave a comment below this post and I will love you for it!


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