We’re hiring a bouncy castle for our next family fun day!

When family day comes, expect for much fun and excitement. Family days are meant for the whole family to stay together, have fun and for kids to enjoy. During this day, you will meet other families and friends of your kids. So, this is also an acquaintance for every family joining the said event.

With that being said, we’re having a party for our next family fun day in Perth. Stay tuned for your email about the exact date!

Below are several paragraphs about bouncy castles in general and how we used the information to search for the perfect bouncy castle hire Perth.

It could have been better if the whole family will join various games, such as tug of war and sack race. You can also see those kids playing sports, such as baseball or football. The entertainment won’t end there because there would be some kid’s rides and inflatable buildings, too.

Bouncy castles for kids have always been a part of family day. It’s like the event isn’t complete without this inflatable castle. This is just a temporary building, of course, but if you do not own one, then you the organization or committee of the said event must hire it.

In 1959, John Scurlock designed the very first inflatable building in Shreveport, Louisiana. Later on, it turned out into a business that the family runs. It is indeed a success because inflatable buildings is not only famous in the United States, but in the whole world. You may even buy bouncy castles for your own use because the size varies. And then, you may also choose a design for your kids.

An inflatable building is made of really thick and very strong vinyl or PVC and nylon. For a really big bouncy castle, you have to use an electric blower to inflate the building. It consumes energy, but just for a day or two isn’t too much for kids to have fun. You know that kids enjoy playing, so when they see this on a family day, then these kids won’t surely miss it.


Things to know when hiring a bouncy castle

Hiring a bouncy castle is taking much responsibility. You should also know the risk that the kids might face when playing on it. So, before hiring a bouncy castle for an event you must be aware about the consequences. We have here a few factors that must be considered greatly before finally jumping to a conclusion that you will hire a bouncy castle for your family fun day event.

  • Target User

Who are going to play on the bouncy castle? Will there be kids only, adults or both? Bouncy castles intended for adults are expected to be deeper than for kids. So, if bouncy castles for adults are also hired, then parental guidance is needed. Young kids are not allowed to play on the bouncy castle for adults. Let’s just consider the safety of the kids, so that fun won’t get spoiled.

  • Bouncy Castle Company

How reliable is the company when it comes to services, especially the delivery. Can they come on time because they need time to inflate the bouncy castle? Everything must be ready before the participants and visitors come. Do they have an insurance policy because accident might happen? It could have been better if the company can ensure the safety of everybody. Do they have safety precautions offered? Will there be someone to assist the kids and stay during the event to look after the bouncy castle?

  • Location of the Bouncy Castle

The bouncy castle needs electricity to operate. So, you must have enough power supply in the location. Generators are not provided by most companies. But, if you already have it, then that won’t be a problem. It would be best also to let the company know about the surface, where the bouncy castle will be erected.

  • Size and Weight

It is very important to consider the size of the bouncy castle and the space needed to erect it. So, how big will the bouncy castle be? You and the company must also agree about the weight limit of the bouncy castle, so that you can avoid accidents.