Storage for Perth gamers

Many of you gamers out there will know the feeling of having too much stuff in your possession. Some say its not too bad because they are accumulating relatively small figurines and hence not taking up much space. But for those who may be in possession of larger items such as a gamer’s table or a largish cardboard cutout of their gameboard, those having multiple items may face with storage problems because of your typical house or even a hired rental club venue don’t normally have big spaces available. Well we’ve got good news for our members, at least in Perth that is! We’ve reached out to local storage facilities around Australia and got an immediate reply from a local Perth business who agreed to help us out out of their good heart.

The local storage service company being referred to is Crusader Storage who is owned by Crusader Removals Pty Ltd. They have kindly lent us a relatively significant space at their storage warehouse in Welshpool. So we don’t have any issues in recommending our members and web visitors alike to go with Crusader Storage if you’ve got any kind of storage requirements. Talk to the guys mentioned above and I’m very sure you’d be very well looked after. But I have to say that preference will be given to active members of Fantasy Continental Gamer Club. So if you’re a guest to this site and need some storage, then feel free to contact us and join!

Can we also say that you exercise some common sense when storing stuff at the business mentioned above. Make sure you don’t store too many belongings there. This is to make sure that other gamers gets a chance to use the facility. Sharing is caring right? As mentioned, we urge you to please obey this simple rule to stay in the good books. Otherwise we may no longer will have a nice suitable workshop for storing our pride and joy!

When someone helps us out, I’d always like to think we should do something nice in return. Because don’t forget, they are doing this for nothing in return (as we’re a not for profit organisation). In my mind, the easiest thing to do (to help them) is to spread good word about Crusader Storage and how awesome they are. Reference by word of mouth is handy and will no doubt increase their financial bottom line.

For all gamers out there residing in the Eastern States, we will continue to ask the respective local businesses to lend a hand to our club. Once we get other businesses on board, we will notify you via email. Just make sure you have signed up to our mailing list. If you’re not part of our mailing list, then just email admin ().


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